3 Viral Video Phenomenons You Wish You Didn’t Know

Thanks to the power of YouTube and social media, we are often driven into watching strange but unusually popular videos we normally never would. Whether they were real music videos or a result of late-night genius,  these 3 viral phenomenons brought us some of the best dance video to date!

Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake viral trend was so big, even the Miami Heat got in on it pulling in over 4 million views.



The Fox (What Does The Fox Say)

If you were ever curious about the sounds animals really make, then you need to watch this overplayed video. Despite it’s silly concept, this video has over 345 million YouTube hits.



Gangnam Style

K-Pop icon Psy “Gangnam Style” is still the most watched YouTube viral dance video, with over 1.8 billion views to date. Don’t act like you never watched it!



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