5 Behind the Scenes Music Jobs That Can Pay 6 Figures

In the music industry, there are few full-time jobs that can bring in a six figure salary. The average music graduate will earn around $55,000 a year, according the recent findings. More than half of the people working in music will earn their salaries from a combination of more than job, project or gig. However, there are a lucky few who can potentially generate high income from a single source. Check out five behind the scenes music careers that can potentially pay six figures!

Music Attorney

Music Attorney

A music attorney is absolutely essential if you plan to have a serious career in music. That demand for great legal representation translates into a high salary for many entertainment lawyers. These are the people in charge of handling your copyrights, trademarks, contracts and other negotiations – the really important stuff. If they are serious about their game, a well-rounded entertainment attorney can easily pull in a six figure salary – maybe even more!

Video Game Audio

Video Game Audio

Video game audio is often overlooked in the music field, but according to reports from Full Sail University it is one of the fasted growing careers in the business. The initial salary for a mixing engineer in this job may start in the low $20,000s, but if you stick with it you could be earning upwards to $140,000 overseeing as an audio director. Audio tool developers who can write code can earn even more money, up to the $200,000s.

Recording Engineer

Recording Engineer

The path to become a high-paid recording engineer can be a long one.  But if you are willing to wait and have the talent, it could lead to an album collaboration with a major artist. Pay can reach six figures or more if you become one of the best in the business, and could lead to more earning potential if you get into mixing and mastering album tracks for artists and labels as well!

Behind the Scenes Music

Road Management

Road management can be tough and not always as glamorous as it seems. But if you get in with a good agency, label or independent artist you can really bring in the big bucks! Handling the budgets and arranging travel for A-list groups can earn you anywhere from $65,000 a year to six figures.

Music Public Relations

Music Public Relations

Artists will always need a way to make sure they are getting the right press and coverage. While there is some money in music blogging and other creative writing, the real money is made in public relations and branding. Artist, labels and media brands a like often utilize major PR agencies to help get there music out or to connect them with the right companies and potential sponsors. This service can be truly priceless to an artist if the publicist has the right connections to get them in the public spotlight. Junior PR reps can earn $25,000 to $65,000 while top reps and bring in anywhere from $100,000 to six figures depending on their clientele.


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