Camille Kaye Drops New Single ‘Gimme U’

One of our favorite artists to watch Camille Kaye has a new track out, ‘Gimme U’ and we haven’t been able to stop playing it in our office! The track was produced byย Dayson Rodriguez and Alexander Orue, and has a Jamaican feel with and EDM beat. Camille’s new sound is dope, I love the direction she is taking her music in. This track is particularly fun because it captures a a bit of EDM, 80’s dance and Dancehall which will be well received by a wide range of listeners. I am looking forward to hearing more of Camille’s new tracks and can’t wait to see what she had in store for us this summer!

GIMMI U’ย is now available only on www.camillekaye.com! Listen nowย and be sure to follow Camille on Instagram @camillemuzik

Camille Kaye

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