SCAM ALERT! Certificate of Status Form is NOT Required

So I recently did an article covering how to set up an LLC in the state of Florida. I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback, but some of you have contacted me concerning letters received in the mail after filing. If you recently set up a new LLC via the Department of State, Division of CorporationsĀ sunbiz.org website, you may have been sent a 2014 Certificate of Status request form. This is a SCAM. Anytime you form an LLC in any state, expect to get a lot of solicitation in the mail. Please understand that you are not required by to complete any sort of registration with the state. These notices don’t not come from theĀ Department of State, Division of Corporations at all, they are from 3rd party companies who will ask you to send a check payable directly to them. The letters may also give you a deadline and tell you that you need to pay by a certain time. TOSS THEM OUT. Again, this is not an official government document, it is a scam.


I’ve attached a copies off these scam artists letters so you know what to look out for. All of the companies listed below are the most common business scammers in Florida, but there are many more out there. Buyer beware!

Corporate Filing Services 400 Capital Circle SE Suite 18311 Tallahassee, FL

F.C.F.S. N. Monroe St. Suite 210A Tallahassee, FL

United Business Services 113 S. Monroe St 1st Fl Tallahassee, FL

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