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Vegan Sex: Pork Without The Pork

Now I wouldn’t call myself a vegan, I don’t eat eggs or much cheese, but I love honey and don’t think I could live without seafood. Apart from that, I try to avoid items with any animal products or testing, including in my beauty items and cleaning supplies. I had lunch with a vegan friend of mine not too long ago, and she mentioned to me that she was concerned about the latex used in condoms. She felt that she had little options besides the pill (which is a no) if there were no vegan condoms. Fortunately, there are, but it made me realize that if we are not careful there are hundreds of ways animals products can sneak into our lives – and our sex lives! Whether it’s shopping for a new handbag, eating out with friends or buying beauty products, if you are vegan, you are constantly having to be on the lookout for the many things in our lives that aren’t vegan-friendly. Fortunately for everyone, our adult products don’t have to be one of them, we can still pork without the pork. Vegans can still get down with non-vegans in the sheets. Phew!

The sex industry understands that as interest in the vegan lifestyle grows, so too does interest in vegan pleasure objects, which means there are more sex products on the market that cater to vegans. There are vegan condoms, animal-friendly dildos, cruelty-free lube – you just have to know where to find it. So what should the conscious and sexually adventurous vegan look out for? Here are 4 vegan-friendly sex products to help you get down doggie-friendly style.

vegan sex vegan condom

Sir Richard’s Vegan Condoms

These vegan condoms are the most hippie-friendly you can find on the market today. They are actually Vegan certified and PETA approved (I didn’t realize sex items could get such a status but pretty cool). I can say from experience that these condoms are as close to skin on skin as you can get, making sex feel as intimate as possible – a big woo-hoo for you hoo-ha!

vegan sex nip-gloss

Bijoux Indiscrets – Cooling & Warming Nip Gloss

Disguised as regular lip gloss, this ‘nip’ gloss is vegan-friendly and safe enough to go anywhere on your body. Just add a little nip gloss wherever your partner or you wants to lick to experience either a warming or cooling sensation. Feel good about saving the animals and feel good because, well it feels good!

vegan sex vegan lube

Sliquid – Natural Intimate Lubricant

Made with 100% all-natural ingredients, this natural intimate lube is the only vegan option when you need some extra wetness. The majority of lubricants are made from cheap, synthetic ingredients and contain chemicals originally designed for cars and oven cleaners. Sliquid makes a great, natural vegan lubricant that’s blended with certified organic botanicals. Use the super slippery lube on your body or with your favorite vegan-friendly toy for a meatless bone session.

vegan sex massage oil

Earthly Body Suntouched Hemp Candle – 6.8 oz Round Tin Naked in the Woods

It’s important to pamper your partner, so why not start with an vegan-friendly massage? These edible massage candles are perfect for the bath and are all-natural and eco-friendly. Drizzle the wax straight from the can and give your partner the ultimate intimate rubdown they won’t forget. Let your animal-saving instincts out.

So no more excuses, we can veganize our sex lives! Trade in that leather whip for faux, grab a vegan sex candle and start looking for lubes and condoms that are not made from animals. Consider it your sexy contribution to the cause 🙂


vegan sex

*Yes, I arranged the fruit and took this photo. Sorry mom.











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