About Nicky

My name is Nicky Dawkins and I am a DIY mama, blogger and established mompreneur based in sunny Miami, FL. I am the mother of a very energetic and adorable Leo toddler, Nasir.  My parents hail from Jamaica and I was born under the Zodiac sign of Cancer – Sun in Cancer to  be exact.  I have a huge passion for feminine health and over the years launched several ventures that surround the wellness of women, particularly mothers.

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way, shall we? I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Florida International University and a Master Degree of Science in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. Before entering the world of motherhood, I worked in the music business for 5 years in music publishing, journalism, and management. I had the pleasure of working with a variety of major and local artists and labels including Def Jam and Universal Music.  But I am SO happy those years are behind me! As much as I loved working in music, it became a toxic space for me. It stopped making me happy. In fact, it started making me angry. I had to stop feeding that energy. As soon as I became a mother, I choose to leave and started focusing on work that made me feel like I was making a difference. More importantly, work that would better the lives of women and hopefully make the world a better place for my son. And then there was a new HypeGirls.

Today, my blog, HypeGirls.com, covers feminine health, wellness and DIY remedies targeting pregnant and postpartum mothers. I focus on topics surrounding vaginal health, self-care and DIY remedies for mom and baby. I also do a lot of natural product reviews and have had the pleasure of working with many amazing brands, including Kali Boxes, Diva Cup, Kalao, Steamy Chick, Nene Fem Health, vFit and Vagasil. In addition to working with brands, I have also had the pleasure of speaking at several women’s conferences including Fem Fest Miami, Women’s Expo and MommyCon. In December 2017, I was awarded Best Health Blogger in South Florida by the Blogger Union. Woo hoo!

I also host a kick-ass podcast on Jolt Radio called Millennial Mama Drama 🙂

Following the success of HypeGirls.com, I decided to launch Miami’s first chapter of PERIOD.org, PERIOD Miami, an organization that collects feminine hygiene products for homeless women and low-income families. Under the support of DivaCup, I became a “Vagucator” and host workshops that teach women about the different feminine hygiene and health options, including menstrual cups and organic tampons. 

After the success of those two brands, I started Werk it Moms, which a content creation agency for natural parenting brands. Through Werk it Moms, I am able to connect corporate brands with mom blogger and influencers who are looking for paid work from home. I also partnered with Capital One to host Mamaprenuer Brunch & Learn workshops in my Miami community. During these workshops, I bring in a local, successful mamapreneur to share her journey and give tips to other mothers who want to launch a business from home. 

Currently, I am training to become a postpartum doula at Mama Glow in NYC under the guidance of Latham Thomas. With this certification, I hope to expand the shortage of doulas of color, as well as provide more birthing support and general information about maternal health in my community.

When I am not working on my blog and business, I love spending time outdoors and traveling with my son! I also have a passion for gardening and enjoy showing him how to grow his own food. 🙂

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