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HypeGirls is a culture saavy and education obsessed online destination for millennial mamas! Basically, I create unique content, apparel and events that encourage and cater to the wellness of women. HypeGirls 🙂

Why HypeGirls rock:

Well being women we are already pretty awesome. But what makes HypeGirls different is the a passion to bring women together and encourage them to lead a healthy and successful lifestyle – all with a fun twist!

HypeGirls are culturally curious  My readers are ridiculously embedded in old and new media. I love to discover what works for your brand and how we can help spread your story.

HypeGirls are freakin’ creative – I am naturally creative, but I am also super strategic and always come up with the fun stuff in a structured way. I understand that real women want to talk to real women, and bringing in that human element is really at the heart of the content we produce. My goal is not just to tap into the hearts of your audience, but to tap into their minds with original, memorable content.

HypeGirls believe in GIRL POWER – The rise of women is the rise of a nation! I am always looking for new ways to help you connect with your female audience. More importantly, I am always looking to help you connect, partner and collab with other girl-powered brands in our network. I don’t hate, I collaborate!

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I am always looking for new brands and people to grind with! If you are interested in working with our team, please email us your inquiry via [email protected]. For PR, speaking or event related inquires, please email your inquiry to [email protected]


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Hi, I’m Nicky Founder and Creative Director at HypeGirls