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5 Types Of People You Don’t Want On Your Team

If your an artist or entrepreneur having a good team is absolutely essential. But there are some types of people who really don’t make good team members. After spending so much time in the business, I’ve learned that it is important to find out quickly who your star team members are and who are the team members that barely gets by. Take a look at the 5 types of people you don’t want on your team below:


The Secret Competitor

The secret competitor can be the hardest type team member to spot. This is the person who always seems to be eager to help, takes on a lot of responsibilities and wants to acquire more authority in their position. These are usually considered good traits for a teammate to have, but in some cases, this person may have different intentions.These types are usually too lazy or scared to start an empire on their own so they piggyback and build one within yours! Next thing you know, they quit and start a similar business of their own and will try to take your fans or clients with them. I have dealt with these type of team members myself, as have many people in entertainment. If someone seems too good to be true, be careful that they are not trying to highjack your business! The best way to deal with a competitor is to simply do you paperwork. Make sure you have all your employees sign a non-compete agreement at hiring they have an understanding from the start, even if they choose to do it anyway.

5 Types of People

The Whiner

Clearly, no one wants to work with someone who is constantly complaining. This is the person who finds a flaw in EVERYTHING and is not afraid to let everyone know – but usually takes no action to fix a problem. These types of teammates not only waste their own time; they also waste the rest of the team’s time who end up having to listen to the complaints. Whiners also tend to spread toxic negativity throughout the team, making it harder for people to get their job done. The best way to deal with a whiner? Don’t. Get rid of them!

5 Types of People

The Party Animal

Party people can be fun people, but when it starts to affect the team it can be a major problem. This is the person who would rather play than work. The party animal is typically a social butterfly who has a lot of associates and always has a story to tell. In the entertainment business, this type of team member is pretty common! The problem with the party animal is they become burned out and tired from partying all the time. Forget getting up early – they are too hungover, or worse. It can be hard to work with a party animal because they may not have the energy to do actual work. Also, they tend to be the people who want get turnt up at times when everyone else on the team is trying to focus. All play and no work may lead people to not take you or your team seriously. The best way to deal with a party animal is to just talk to them about your concerns. Let them know how important it is to keep play and work separate. Now remember, the party animal can also be a valuable social asset to your team, so make sure you handle them with care!


The BusyBody

Working with someone who doesn’t have the time or won’t prioritize your music career probably isn’t the best fit for a team. This type of team member always seems to have something better to do and tends to cancel or is late often. They are constantly checking their phones, taking outside calls and checking other emails. Busybody types usually have other things going own outside your business that is taking priority, such as school, family or maybe another job. While having a ‘workaholic’ on your team can be good, it doesn’t work if they aren’t putting that energy into your business. The best way to deal with a busybody is to find out as early as possible what is making them so busy and see if you can get them to prioritize your work ahead of theirs. If the problem is really bad, you may need to ask them to choose or simply let them go.

lazy Ass

The Lazy Ass

You know those people who love to be a part of the team but don’t really do much? This is the person who never seems to complete an assignment and always seems to get out of doing their fair share. Lazy asses are often smart people who know how to do things, but won’t actually do a thing unless they are micro-managed. The problem with this type of team member is that they are unreliable and you will always have to follow up on their work. The best way to deal with a lazy ass? Don’t pick up their slack. Instead, get assertive and make it clear from the jump they must do their share. If they don’t change, move on. You will be glad you did!

Good luck! 😉

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