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Broadcast App From Ustream Lets You Broadcast Live Video Directly To Facebook


Finally! An app that now allows our friends to annoy us not just with Facebook status posts and Instagram photos, but live video! But don’t get too excited Android users, this app is currently being developed only for the iPhone.

Broadcast For Friends, or BFF, can be used to share their live video instantly to your Facebook friends or publicly for the world to see. Videos can be recorded from your camera phone in either front-face or rear-face setting and there are a variety of cool filters that you can use to add some funk to your film. Pretty awesome!

Ustream currently allows its users to post what they are watching on the website to Facebook, so the move was a natural progression of their mobile strategy. Knowing that some of us may not be open to posting to everyone, the app will give the Only Me, Friends and Public view options from Facebook, which will allow you to choose who you want to share your videos with. After selecting a privacy options, there is a 3 second countdown and then you are streaming live!

Yes live. That is really the most interesting part about this app. Now instead of waiting to upload you can just show your viewers as it happens. As you are shooting, comments you receive on your post will be displayed to your iPhone in real time so you friends can actually be a part of your action!

Now of course, this technology can be good or bad. There are already a lot of questionable things that get posted to Facebook, and this app will certainly invite a lot of new activity. It will also encourage a lot of people to purchase the new iPhone 5 coming out this Fall.

Best part about the new BFF app? It’s free! All that is required is for you to authorize the app via Facebook.

Broadcast For Friends will be available for the iPhone soon! Make sure you sign up on Ustream’s website to be notified when the app officially goes live!

Here’s a GeekPeek:


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