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HypEats: Elle’s Restaurant & Lounge

The lunch rush is always brutal! With often just 30 to 60 minutes available to your work day allowed to relax and temporarily unwind, the choice of where to spend your precious minutes are crucial. On this particular work day I made the satisfactory choice of indulging in Elle’s Restaurant & Lounge.

Big Easy

When entering the establishment the aura of the space was clean and inviting, I felt like I was apart of some ultra sleek lunch society, lucky for us all it’s just the usual lunch crowd who knows better than to waste time frustrated in a Wendy’s line awaiting their turn to yell into the speaker, at a worker who is obviously miserable with their career choice. Elle’s, Chef Luci prides herself on using local ingredients whenever possible in her creations.  Food is their passion and its made very obvious once your plate hits the table.

My friends and I knew that this would be great just by entering, Elle’s is broken into three “experiences,” the main lounge is very easy going still keeping the upscale vibe intended used for mainly casual dining and cocktails. The dining room is great for date night the intimate lighting even during the day shouts sexy, this features outdoor patio seating and makes it a perfect blend for both lovers and family outings. The last experience is the White Bar “it’s a conversation piece” as stated on Elle’s website. The white onyx bar is lit from inside making it a beautiful sight while enjoying premium drinks.

Korean Tacos

For $10 you’re able to get a tasteful dining experience that includes a drink, tax and gratuity! Elle’s calls it the ‘Perfect 10’ and indeed it is! I ordered the ‘Korean Tacos’ which included sweet glazed pork belly, cilantro and kimchi served with rice and beans. Kimchi is a variation of napa cabbage, radish and carrots. Although, the pork belly was a bit too crunchy for me the sweet glaze made it extremely worth the fight I had to endure to get to the pork itself . The sweet pork blended beautifully with the cool kimchi; the jasmine rice and black beans with bleu cheese crumbles sprinkled on top literally melted in your mouth! My friend, opted for the ‘Big Easy,’ this signature sandwich is sure to leave you at a lost for words. The seafood lover in you will praise the Cajun shrimp and andouille sausage cake that make the base of the sandwich, then the usual fixings lettuce and tomato,  for an extra kick of flavor, key lime mustard is used on the bun this is served with fries or your choice of salad.

Although, I haven’t tried Elle’s for dinner, you can trust that I’m a regular at their ‘Perfect 10’ lunches.

12312 Miramar Parkway
Miramar, FL 33025
ph:  954-437-0071

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Macielle Betances

Public Relations and Events Coordinator

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