Lady Gaga launches her own social network for her fans

So if you haven’t already heard, super pop-star Lady Gaga has joined the ranks of today’s social media entrepreneurs and launches her very own social network “Little Monsters”. Move over Zuckerberg! gives Gaga’s fan a place to post their Gaga experiences, photos and what they like with other “little monsters”. Fans can also create and share Gaga content with their friends and fellow fans. Basically, Gaga has combined two of the most common trends on the web: posting visuals to share with your friends and allowing them to rate your posts publicly.

The Little Monsters website is still in beta and has been for the past 6 weeks, but potential users can request an invite to get a sneak peak of the first social-fan site. It took almost two weeks but I was finally able to receive one of the coveted invitations to join. While there are still a few glitches to be worked out, I am happy to report that seems like it could actually be the next big thing on the web! very much resembles new hot social network Pinterest with its collage-style picture posting and visual feed. But the website also allows popularity voting similar to Tumblr and Reddit. overall is fan-driven, easily additive and a fun way to show your Gaga-side. Several major celebrities are already members of the new social network, including mega talk-show host Oprah Winfrey!

The company behind, Backplane, was co-founded by now CEO Matt Michelsen, ex-Google designer Joey Primiani, Palantir’s own Alex Moore and Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter. The up and coming company plans on releasing the LittleMonsters website out of beta soon along with several other social community websites later in 2012. Backplane is partially funded by Lady Gaga, who can add the company to her list of business accomplishments along with becoming the Creative Director of Polaroid and releasing the Gaga-focused iPad application for Vogue Magazine in 2011. She also launched her “Born This Way Foundation” to great reviews at Havard University last month.

Lady Gaga’s role in is pretty clear. Her influence across social web communities is staggering and it continues to grow as more and more networks pop up. Gaga made a splash on Google+ network with over 340,000 followers in only two months, has a strong social media following that should help Backplane accomplish their mission. Gaga pulled over 19 million Twitter followers – the MOST for any user on the network- plus over 43 million Facebook fans and she broke records by being the first artist to reach 1 billion views on YouTube. Now that is serious social media power. You go Gaga!

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Jay-Z is so pissed right now.

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