Swag VS. Class-What Women REALLY Want

Swag vs. Class! This has been an ongoing battle for a few years now ever since the term “swag” started being thrown around and used to describe people that had “style”.


In the past, women would look for a man with class. This would consist of a man that was polite, respectful, dressed in a way and presented themselves in a way where you could take them to a formal event, and/or introduce them to your parents, etc. It was more about a man that “had it all together.”


Nowadays, it’s about “swag”. “If he doesn’t have swag, he can’t date me”. Jean vests, fresh kicks, YSL shirt, Louie belt, etc. is what GIRLS are now looking for in guys. If a guy doesn’t have “swag”, he’s considered a loser.

Ladies, ladies, ladies, where have our standards gone? Are we just dating for fun now?! Swag will not contribute anything to your life and attraction is only a small percentage of a successful relationship.


A man can have all the “swag” in the world, but if he’s disrespectful and doesn’t treat you right, you will not be happy.


So men, what real women want is….a man with class! Dress right, respectful, ambitious, motivated, responsible, etc. All of the factors that contribute to a good MAN. If you ask your girlfriend why she’s with you and she answers, “because you have swag”…it might be time to re-think your choice.


Keep it classy Hype Readers! 😉


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