WTF:What The Fashion?! Soften it Up!

A man won’t admit it, but they love to hold hands with their significant other. Maybe not all the time or every single place you go, but they do enjoy holding their girl’s hand.


With that being said ladies, soften it up! We must keep those hands soft and pretty. As women, we work, clean, cook, save the world, etc. so it’s hard for us to keep our hand looking and feeling right, but we’ve got to do it.

Soften it Up

No one likes ashy, dry hands. If you notice you’re getting less and less people wanting to shake your hands you should probably take this article into consideration.


Ladies, below are some hand creams that’ll surely make your hands baby soft!

Fellas, it doesn’t hurt to soften up those hands too. Us women don’t really enjoy that rough, sand paper-ish feeling either. 😉


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