WTF: What The Fashion?! Turn it Down!

This week’s ‘WTF’ goes out to the fellas! Yes guys, it’s your turn! ‘Turn it down”!


This week isn’t necessarily about anything you wear but what you’re riding in. No WOMAN wants a man that pulls up at her house to take her on a date in a candy painted, “pimped out” ride, with the music so loud that the bass almost breaks her windows; and the GIRLS that do, are probably not the type of females you’d like to build a real relationship with anyways.

Fellas, this is a huge turn off and it’s completely and utterly un-attractive. Cartoon characters, gigantic rims, “Gucci” interiors—NO, NO, NO! We don’t want it!


Do you guys pull up to job interviews with those cars?

So the next time you think about asking a lady out, turn your music down; and if your car is completely “pimped out” maybe you should begin to think about toning it down.


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