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2010 Miami Music Festival…Emerging Talents

The 2010 Miami Music Festival

Who dare say music lost its substance? Who came up with the theme Hip Hop is dead? Well, the talented musicians who thoroughly expressed their art at the Miami Music Festival yesterday quickly discredited those statements. The Miami Music Festival 2010 was an event to remember. There is nothing better than to be apart of musical expression of voices that yearns to be heard. I felt so honored to be in the presence of these greatly talented individuals, who knew how to physically rock the crowd as well as engage them mentally.

The event took place at the Bayfront Park Amphitheater. I attended the last day of this four-day event, which was not as packed as the days’ prior. The festival consisted of 3 stages: The Univision stage by OnStar, The Miami New Times stage and The Urban Network stage. The Urban Network stage represented different genres of music such as Latin, Hip Hop/Rock and strictly Hip Hop. There was an abundance of acts, and despite the crowd not being immense the artists did their thing and performed as if they had a sold out show at Madison Square.

The stage that grabbed my attention was The Miami New Times stage. It featured several emerging artist that totally captured me. One of the artists that graced the stage was female Pop & Blues (P&B) talent Kirby, who opened up the show with a sexy single and presence to attract the crowd…it definitely worked. Next up was Ramzez, (or “Miami’s Tupac” as I see him, lyrically). Ramzez mentally turned me on with his penetrating lyrics, no doubt that he stole my attention for those couple of minutes.

Then after was Ghost Ridah “The Ruler” himself. He came and presented an unforgettable package of swag, flawless flow, banging beats and a charming delivery. He and his band were fashionably late but it was definitely worth the wait. Last to perform was a uniquely diverse Hip Hop/Rock band called Rich Kid Sound System. If you have never heard of a hip hop rock band before well I’m glad to be the first to inform you of them. They are extraordinary! They brought something that I would have never expected. A diverse look and sound, which was greatly appreciated by everyone in the audience. After witnessing these amazing talents, I have suddenly gained hope that if music was on the deathbed, these guys have totally revived it. I will support anything that these guys put out, these are the type of artists that mainstream media is missing and needs…fulfilling and captivating crafts such as these!

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