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The Storm Of The Year

When I was told the name of Amber’s up and coming album I was curious as to why she named it Category 5”, so I kindly asked Amber, herself to “prepare me for the storm”.

From being around alcohol abuse, to being betrayed, dealing with abuse, falling in love, falling out of love, to me not being able to commit to anyone or anything because I lost myself & didn’t “know me anymore”, to overcoming it all and chasing my dream…” 

SaveRnB was just a little preview into Amber’s life; wait until you guys hear “Category 5″. I was able to hear one of the bonus tracks off the album and I must say I was very satisfied with the new duo she had going on with Prez P. Amber will be releasing “Category 5″,  March 5, 2015 which happens to be her birthday! Keep your eyes open because a “Storm is coming”. 

Get a glimpse of “The Storm of the Year” below…

Category 5the storm the storm the storm amber monique the storm the storm

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