From HypeGirl to Power Woman: Adrienne Fleming

We here at HypeGirls.com encourage hard work, determination and creativity. With that being said we present to you Adrienne Fleming, she’s the former Promotions Director for your favorite online magazine and is now the driving force behind the glitz and glam events for the Myles Restaurant Group. The Maryland native came to Miami after obtaining a Bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism from East Carolina University in pursuit of  a Master’s in Hospitality Management from Florida International University. That is when this spunky gem came into the Hype World. Addicted to Instagram and Sprite, Adrienne’s goal to launch her very own event planning company and follow in the foot steps of her idol E! correspondent Giuliana Rancic doesn’t seem to be far fetched she’s definitely got the drive to be successful. She talks with us on her life after Hype Girls and how she’s gotten to where she is now.

What are your job responsibilities within the Myles Restaurant Group?

I am the Special Events Coordinator for Prime 112, Prime Hotel and Lounge, Big Pink, and Prime Italian. My day to day activities consists of booking events for these properties. Since a lot of people are not aware of our corporate offices they call the restaurant directly to book an event. The restaurant will fill out a Party Inquiry form and fax it over to me at the office. I call/email clients to get more info on what they are looking to do with their event and we go from there.

Why did you chose the Hospitality Industry as an avenue to dedicate your entire life to? Are there days when you feel like quitting and how do you stay motivated on those days?

I wouldn’t say dedicate my entire life to but as of right now that’s what it may look like! While my passion is TV Production/Entertainment I decided to get into Hospitality after working in a hotel to help fund my bad habits (you know, like shopping, partying and more shopping) while in Undergrad.  It started off as just a job to make money to becoming a big interest of mine. After graduating undergrad I transferred to a hotel back home and after a year of working full time I thought to myself why not go out and get educated about the Hospitality Industry. It was a blessing to get accepted into Florida International University’s Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism MGMT program because it is ranked within the Top 5 in the Nation. I got a chance to work with the Food Network’s SOBE Fest two years in a row and assist/cook with celebrity chefs! Great networking experiences! I have a job that ranges from a regular 8 hour day to a 10-12 hour day when there are events/dinner parties at the restaurant. A lot of people at work make comments like “You work too much” or “I don’t know how you do it.” “I hope they are paying you well.” I tell them events is what I want to do and I have to start somewhere.You have to work your way up.  Everyday I just remind myself that this is a stepping stone to something big. I come into work and continue to look at the brighter picture. One day I will have my own event planning company.

Adrienne On Grad Day (FIU)

How does life in Maryland differ from life in Miami for you educational wise as well as socially?

Oh wow. I actually love getting asked this question. Educational wise I can’t really say because I got my first degree in North Carolina. I can only speak on elementary, middle school and high school, but socially, there is a HUGE difference. Even though I don’t wish to go back because I lived there my whole life but living in Miami has made me appreciate the DMV (DC, MARYLAND, VIRGINIA) area and where I came from even more. The people and culture are just so different. In Maryland you can come across a lot more genuine people than in Miami. Back home it’s about how can I help you versus Miami it’s more like what can you do for me? Your lifestyle and who you may know does not define you back in the DMV. People that live in Miami can easily get caught up and sucked into this lifestyle, and I am glad to be from an area that keeps me humble. A lot of people ask me how did I make it going to Grad school in a city like Miami. I tell them it is all about priorities, when you have tunnel vision all that other stuff is BS.

Being that you at the age of 24 have obtained a Master’s in Hospitality Management from FIU and a Bachelors in Broadcast Journalism from East Carolina University, it’s safe to say you value education, what advice do you have for other students in college who are feeling discouraged?

I guess it is safe to say I value education but will I go off and go get a PhD now…NOPE! I think I have accomplished my personal goals as far as education. I have a mother that use to be a teacher, me not going to college was just NOT an option in that household. My advice to those feeling discouraged, always look at the bigger picture. Yes the economy is bad and you have more and more people saying that having a degree is worthless but think about the personal growth and what you could do with that degree. I follow someone who had went on a twitter rant pretty much saying having a degree was pointless then two seconds later tweeted about filling out FAFSA.  It may sound cliché but your education is something that will always be with you and one of your greatest accomplishments in life. College is a life experience that I think everyone should go through. You learn so much about life, yourself, and your concentration of study. If one should ever feel discouraged I would say you never want to be known as a quitter, nobody wants a quitter on their team. It’s not about what that degree can do for you, you are not owed a job because of it.  The end result is what you decide to do with that degree.

Being a former HypeGirls employee how has working for HypeGirls.com helped you along your career path?

It has helped me lot marketing and promo wise. Seeing as how I work with events now being able to have such skills to properly market and bring clientele in and maintain customer loyalty is something I learned from working with Nichole and Hype Girls.

Where do you hope to be in the next 5 years?

I would be pushing 30 by then …hmm looks like I have 1,825 days to become an entertainment correspondent for E! while owning an established event marketing/planning company coordinating events throughout the United States and overseas. I will be out of Miami for sure, possibly living in California. Oh and I forgot to mention being married to Ginuwine and working on our first child together! No dream is ever too BIG! =p

Adrienne the HypeGirls congratulate you on all your success, we thank you for all of your hard work during your time with us and we’re proud.

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