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Interview with Alyssa Gosse of UltuCup

Happy Friday Mamas! 

I am so excited to bring you the very first portion of a special interview series with menstrual hygiene brand, UltuCup

As you already know I am a huge fan on menstrual cups, so when I had a chance to try the UltuCup menstrual cup myself, I went for it. It is now one of my favorite cups! This is mainly because of its soft design and ease of removal – but I will save the details for my review.

I wanted to interview the people behind the brand and learn more what UltuCup was really about. I was honored when Alyssa Gosse of UltuCup agreed to partner on this interview series covering all thing periods! 

Let’s get to it 🙂

Where is UltuCup created? What is the background of the designer?

UltuCup is manufactured in Maine USA. Every part of our product is made in the USA – from our cups and storage pouches to our packaging. Our line is thoughtfully designed to be made with minimal waste and highly sustainable methods. The UltuCup is reusable, its packaging is recyclable, and the starter guide is printed on recycled paper with vegetable-based inks.

Our founder, John Szustaczek has worked in the menstrual cup industry for over 7 years. When considering the development of this new cup, he looked at several current designs and considered the common strengths and failings of current menstrual cups. It was from that, with the help of our current manufacturing facility and the UltuCup team that we developed 3 model cups sizes that would provide comfort, ease of use and meet the needs of a wider audience.

What made you decided to create 3 cup sizes as opposed to just 2 sizes?

Many members of our team have multiple years of experience in the menstrual cup category and personal experience with menstrual cups. They noticed a growing trend of users looking for smaller cup size, and because of this, we decided to launch our product in three model sizes, instead of the standard 2.

Every person’s body is a little bit different and we wanted to meet the sizing needs of as many people as possible.

Our sizes include the mini cup which is for users with a lower cervix or those who feel that Model 1 is too long.

Our model 1 is for users 29 and younger who have never delivered vaginally or by C-section, and Model 2 is for users 30 and older and/or for those who have delivered vaginally or by C-section.

What makes UltuCup different from other menstrual cup brands?

When it comes to menstrual cups, all brands have similarities when it comes to the shape, size and functionality, but the UltuCup brings some added benefits to the table. The UltuCup is made entirely in the USA, from our cups and storage pouches, to our packaging. Our line is thoughtfully designed to be made with minimal waste and highly sustainable methods. The cup is also designed with a solid stem to allow for easier removal and cleaning.

How exactly does the UltuCup work and how long does it last?

UltuCup is a reusable cup made of soft silicone that collects your menstrual flow. Inserted towards your tailbone, UltuCup sits comfortably, low inside your vagina. When inserted correctly, UltuCup flexible design opens gently against your vaginal walls and can’t be felt at all. Your UltuCup moves with you to allow for comfortable period care while you travel, run, swim, or sleep.

Since the UltuCup is a personal hygiene product, our recommended guideline is to replace it once a year. Silicone is very durable, but depending on factors unique to each user, the lifespan of the cup varies. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide when to replace your cup.

Should I check with my doctor before using a menstrual cup?

This is a step that we leave up to each individual consumer. Everyone’s body is different and depending on your own situation, it may be beneficial for you to consult with your doctor before using a menstrual cup. For many people it is not necessary if you read our starter guide and familiarize yourself with the product. You may also want to consider measuring your cervix before purchasing a cup.

Why do you think menstrual and vaginal health is so important for women?

It’s a vital part of our anatomy and it is often one that is not openly discussed. Everyone should have a strong understanding of their own anatomy, no matter how they identify. I have heard so many personal stories of people struggling with menstrual health related issues, that take forever the be diagnosed. PCOS and endometriosis are just a few examples and many times these conditions could have been diagnosed so much earlier.

Women are often made to think that we should be silent about our period symptoms or that our pain is “normal”. That should not be the case and it is so important to feel comfortable with our own bodies and to listen to what our bodies are telling us.

That is what I love about menstrual cups, they tell you so much about your flow (how long, how heavy, etc.) and using a cup helps you get more in tune with your anatomy and your cycle.

What’s next for UltuCup? Will you expand into other products in the future?

Absolutely! We hope to provide a wash for our users soon! Right now, we are focusing on our eCommerce site launch, but we are currently working on expanding our brand availability in multiple countries. Its such an exciting time right now for expansion.

Where can we buy?

Currently, the UltuCup is available on Amazon.com, Amazon UK, UltuCup.com and select retailers which can be found on our store finder.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our interview series with UltuCup and follow them on Instagram @UltuCup!

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