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Gifts of Love?

Valentine’s Day is that one day out of the year where love is supposedly measured by materialism. The more outlandish the gift the bigger the love must be, right? Does the quality or quantity of the gifts received on Valentine’s Day really mirror the amount of love felt between the couple? If not, then why do we continue to keep our expectations high, sometimes leading us to disappointments?

Everyone says “it’s the thought The Hype Girls VDAYthat counts” in hopes to blanket their selfish wants of luxurious items on the big day. What happens to the person who truly means this saying? The one who just wants to see that there is love not only on that day but everyday because lets face it, if the relationship is in turmoil a great majority of the time and the couple’s generally unhappy then one day of luxury and “love” isn’t really a fixer upper for the couple’s status.

Now, that Valentine’s Day is over, take a look around at your gifts and differentiate whether it truly is love that has sent you these gifts or if these gifts are mere tokens hoping to dissipate the ugly ripples that once were? Does your significant other or possible significant other really have their heart in the right place?

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Macielle Betances

Public Relations and Events Coordinator

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