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Interview with Keli of SteamyChick Vaginal Steaming Part 1

So if you haven’t heard, I love vaginal steaming! I have been regularly steaming at home for over 3 months now with great results. And it’s all thanks to this wonderful woman, Keli, and her amazing company SteamyChick. Naturally, I had to learn more about her passion and share her story with you here on¬†HypeGirls.com ūüôā
Keli herself is inspiration to me not only because of her ambition, but her sweet and silly nature makes you feel so at ease. Plus, she really knows her V stuff! I caught up with Keli to learn more about vaginal steaming and her experience as a mamapreneur.

Hi Keli! Tell me a little about yourselves and your background. (Where are you from, school etc)

I was born and raised in California. I went to school in Russia, Nicaragua and Washington, D.C. completing a Master or Arts in International Development from American University.

What inspired you to start SteamyChick?

‚ÄčI used vaginal steaming to heal from my first birth and it drew a lot of attention from friends. Before I knew it, one of my friends asked me to make her a vaginal steam chair. The next week three more women contacted me asking if they could buy vaginal steam chairs. After a year went by following that pattern I really saw how big the need was. Vaginal steaming was addressing concerns that women didn’t have satisfactory solutions for or that they were left unaddressed.

Describe your product/brand in 3 words.

‚ÄčNatural. Easy. Self-care.‚Äč

Do you create the steamy box yourself? And the herbal blends? What are the different herbs do you use?

‚ÄčI designed and created all the products right in my house with my two baby girls at my side. Because the company has grown so quickly, I no longer have the capacity to make every order myself so I’ve hired production staff. They still work here at my house in my home office and outdoor workshop where I oversee the entire process.

Where is it made?

‚ÄčMostly at my house and yard!‚Äč

How can women use it? What are the benefits?

‚ÄčWomen can use vaginal steaming for postpartum care to heal up after giving birth; or to make their periods healthier and eliminate uncomfortable side effects and increase fertility; or, lastly, to address gynecological problems such as infections, fibroids and cysts.

Vaginal Steaming HypeGirls

You’re vaginal teas are pretty detailed and need specific Рplus they are all natural! What or who inspires you to create these tea blends?

‚ÄčI work with an Oriental Medicine Doctor to create herbal formulas that are specific to the needs of each women. In Oriental Medicine, the menstrual cycle is supposed to be entirely pain free without any side effects. When pain or side effects occur, those are signs of particular imbalances in the body. The Steamy Chick herbal blends are designed to address those imbalances.

How does the conflicts of Eastern and Western methods affect the way women view vaginal steaming?

‚ÄčI think the main issue is that western medicine has not done any research on vaginal steaming. Often, westerners will dismiss the practice‚Äč because their doctors don’t have knowledge of it. Although lack of medical research does not mean that the practice is not viable, this becomes confusing for westerners. Hopefully the positive vaginal steam case studies and interest in this universal practice will prompt medical science to take a further look into the promising gynecological benefit. In traditional cultures where vaginal steaming is a common health practice observed by women, they are not jarred by western medicines lack of interest. They know it has benefit because they do it.

I’ve spoken to a couple gynecologists that are opposed to vaginal steaming? Why do you think they disagree with this process?

‚ÄčIt’s difficult for doctors to support something that they did not learn about in medical school. Unfortunately, gynecology is a science developed by male doctors that focused their studies on surgery and pharmaceutical drugs rather than some of the methods, such as vaginal steaming, that were currently in practice by their midwife predecessors. Hopefully, now that more women are entering the field, some less-invasive methods will gain the subject of research and doctors will not be caught so off-guard.

Vaginal Steaming HypeGirls

How can we make vaginal steaming and other natural health remedies more accepted in the US?

Vaginal steaming is gaining interest surprisingly quickly. As more women try the practice and experience the benefits the word is spreading and women are becoming open to it. As we integrate the practice into our health regimen, it becomes normalized for the young ladies coming of age. I don’t think the next generation will have as many issues it. My daughter is only four years old and she’s already asking when she gets to do it.

Why is feeling good down there important for woman? How does it impact our day to day?

‚ÄčIt’s incredibly self-empowering to know that we can keep ourselves happy and healthy. It builds a lot of confidence and eliminates the discomforts of the menstrual cycle.

Do you plan to expand outside of vaginal steaming? Do you offer any other services or products?

I am currently offering a certification e-course to train practitioners the skills of how to use vaginal steaming to treat gynecological problems, fertility issues and postpartum healing.

Who is the SteamyChick customer?

‚ÄčThe biggest category of women that come to me have bad cramps, recurring infections, infertility, fibroids or cysts and their gynecologists have not been able to resolve the issue or have suggested surgery.

Another uprising category are mothers that don’t want to see their daughters suffer painful menstruation.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this interview and my full review on my at-home v-steam experience!

Learn more about SteamyChick on www.steamychick.com


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