Mfon Essiet, Miss Black Florida USA 2012, Road To The Crown

Medical Student, humanitarian, dancer, model, motivational speaker are just a few of the hats that Mfon Essiet may wear on any given day. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences obtained at Florida International University and a Master’s in Biomedical Sciences from Barry University. We all could stand to learn from Mfon. We had the opportunity to talk with Miss Black Florida 2012 on education, stigma’s in the pageant world and how to find a balance in the midst of preparing for the coveted title of Miss Black USA 2013.

  • What made you venture into the pageant world? How many years have you been participating in pageants?
    • “At a young age I was very shy, quiet, and reserved. Pageantry was an opportunity for change and I happily accepted the challenge when my mother suggested I compete in one. I have been involved in pageantry for 11 years since!”
  • Out of so many titles that you’ve earned, which one would you say is the most important to you and why?
    • “The most important title is the one I now aspire to attain, Miss Black USA. She is the embodiment of intellect, culture, beauty, and of course an ambassador. This title is more than a pageant, it is a movement of positivity, reminding others, especially young women and girls of color, that they can be successful and dynamic.”
  • Being that you’re a medical student, its safe to say that education is important to you, any tips for college students today?
    • “Never give up! It always seems tough whether academically, financially, or socially. You never know what  is waiting on the other end for you and it just may be the joy of completion, knowing and realizing that your hard work has truly paid off. Stay focused, as it will benefit you greatly when you constantly remind yourself of your purpose in enrolling in a university. Having the end result in mind reassures your efforts through any struggle.”
  • As a trained gymnast, dancer and model you’re plate is to say the least full, how do you balance f amily, work, and a personal life?
    • “I make it a point to maintain a solid balance by continuous enhancement of my time management skills and prioritizing. Also, good health is imperative to any function (mental/physical) so I ensure my health is not compromised so that I can effectively put 100% effort into each task.”
  • On your website mfonessiet.com, it’s stated that you’ve hosted health seminars both locally and internationally how did this come to fruition and what are some small changes people can do to transition into a healthier lifestyle?
    • “Noticing the lack of adequate information and misconceptions in the general public regarding healthcare and disease prevention, I found it a necessity to share in forums and educational seminars to continue progress in various societies. When empowered with knowledge, we begin to grow exponentially in potential.”
  • As Miss Black Florida 2012 what has been the most exciting aspect of holding said title?
    • “The most exciting aspect has to be the opportunity to impact so many lives! Throughout these past months, speaking engagements and events/functions have allowed me to meet a wide variety of individuals. Taking the time to speak with them, I, in one way or another, inspire them to be better than where they are today. That is fulfilling because I know they are striving to achieve their full potential.”
  • Unfortunately, mass media has placed a stigma on the pageant world, what do you want to say to those who turn their backs on pageantry?
    • “Some may have turned their backs on pageantry but pageantry is certainly not backing down. The stigma is mostly from stereotypes and rare individual cases, however, the queens of the Miss Black USA organization are phenomenal, highly educated, and talented. We are making a statement about being a well-rounded individual both on and off stage.”
  • Where can people vote for you? What would you say to people on the fence about voting?
    • “I wish you could vote for me! The people’s choice award poll has recently closed and the announcement will be made at the pageant. The competition is up to the judges selected by the organization, however, I surely hope that supporters will root for me and make a lot of noise on social media! #TeamMfon”
  • If elected Miss Black USA, what are some of the things you would want to do for the community?
    • “I would love to continue serving as an ambassador for The Heart Truth Campaign and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, where I would educate the community on healthier lifestyles as well as safety of our youth. Additionally, as healthcare and education are a major lifetime commitment and platform of mine, I would collaborate with schools establishing initiatives to improve standards and the well-being of students. Health awareness and disease prevention campaigns will assist in minimizing misconceptions and ultimately reduction in stigma, disease, and mortality.”

    HypeGirls Mfon Essiet
    Mfon Essiet
  • Any shout outs?
    • “Yes of course! I would like to thank each and every one of my donors who have supported me on my journey! I am grateful for my national sponsors: HypeGirls.com, Free Flow Interactive, W.I.L.D.E. LLC., Nigerian American Foundation, Unique African Boutique & Gift Shop, Inc., Pascal Atuma Productions, African Entertainment Group, Brooke Marie Fitness, Keeva Hair Artistry, and Free Mind Photography!
      PR Pageant Coaches : Fernando Wong Designs, Mary Ukpong Designs and Hush Cosmetics.”

To keep up with Mfon check out her website, FaceBook fan page and definitely follow her on Twitter!

Website: www.MfonEssiet.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mfonessiet
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mmmmfun
For more information about the Miss Black USA Pageant August 8-13, please visit www.MissBlackUSA.org

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