NeoPopSicle: Tea-Sipping-Legging-Wearing Songtress

NeoPopSicle (NeO) is a singer/songwriter from Miami Beach, FL. Whose music can only be described as pure emotion, the harmonies in her music ring true to all who listen because they mirror her experiences. NeO draws inspiration from Sade, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and other empowering songstresses, she calls her favorites.

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NeO debuted into the music scene with her Dear Andre EP less than one year ago and has already been featured on some of the most prominent South Florida Hip Hop websites such as and

I actually found NeO via Tumblr, I kept up with her because I loved her style, dubbing her queen of the comfortable-effortless-tea-sipping-legging junkies. Later, I found out she was a singer/songwriter and met her at a spoken word event. In true NeO fashion, she greeted me warmly and then went on stage to perform and that was the moment when I became a fan. NeO really does have a phenomenal presence about her and I’m not speaking about her physicality because it goes without saying that she’s gorgeous! She is truly a passionate and caring individual.

Although, Dear Andre dropped a short time ago NeO is ready to make more music for her fans or “Lovahs” as she likes to call them, she will be starting her new project next month with plans of a summer release.

NeoPopSicle will be featured on our TwitterView Tuesday interview on January 31st at 10pm Est. Be sure to follow NeO and HypeGirls to watch it all unfold live, send in your questions now.

Until then, NeO has released her debut music video for her track “Awake” featured on the LupEnd’s mixtape Dreaming Awake. The alluring monochromatic visuals directed by Jonny Walker accentuate the delightfully whimsical sounds that is NeoPopSicle.

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