New App “OverShareMe” Tweets Your Private Google Searches

If the world hasn’t gotten public enough, now we can add our private browser searches to our public timeline. The new web app OverShareMe has officially taken what we share on social media to a whole new level. The hack app was created by Darren Nix, a developer at Angelhack SF, a company that brings up start up communities around the country for “hackathon” competitions. Judges for the competition include Mashable‘s former editor-at-large Ben Parr among others. Clearly, this hack app could be deemed one of the best the company has ever seen.

OverShareMe is basically an extension of Google Chrome and can be installed right into Chrome browser for tracking. After creating a username to track your searches under, the app then tweets your Google searches via the app’s Twitter account, @PlzOverShareMe. While the app does not tweet your searches out the your followers, this isn’t something that will not be up for consideration. According to the timeline, the team has been testing the app out only this week so it is still in beginning phase and has plenty of room for tinkering. This is definitely an overshare indeed. In your face Google.

As the world knows, Google recently dumbed down their privacy policy and added a few new terms regarding our “private” relationship with them. But with hacker apps like OverShareMe, Google may have a  few problems here as OverShareMe is certainly a slap in the face.  The main issue is that the app can literally be installed by anyone at this point, meaning a “friend” may think it’s funny to track your searches and watch them via Twitter. Or even worse, a crazy ex! If you are like me, you take your Google searches to heart. Even in its innocence, the mind frame most of us are in during a Google search is simply not the stream of consciousness you want the world to see. However, if you don’t mind sharing your private or not-so-private thoughts and inquiries with the world, this is definitely the app for you!

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