Tattoos: Date Them or Hate Them?

Tattoos have come out of the dark shadow land of “taboo” and are now a widely accepted and glorified part of the world’s culture. Still there are certain reservations that are attached to the world of body art. Personally, I believe that the reservation about body art is less about the content but more about the visibility of the art piece.

It has already been clearly established that many employers will not hire based on the tattoos visibility, whether it is clearly stated or not. We have all already heard the argument of old age, when things aren’t as perky or as tight as were before. How gravity’s fury has no mercy for the hours of pain spent in the tattoo chair to perfect our proud displays of creativity. However, have you ever been rejected in the world of lovers because of your shield of artistic honor?

It’s known that when it comes to dating everyone has different preferences, but I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone has ever met what they consider to be their perfect someone and suddenly dropped everything with the person because of their ink? Would that be superficial? Is there a way around that issue? Have tattoos ever been such a big deal breaker that you would be willing to miss out on your possible soul mate because of the way they’ve chosen to express themselves?

There is beauty in all places. I believe that there is beauty in the world of ink, that love has been found and that for some there are ways to change that “deal breaker” into a deal maker, it may just take some understanding. Let us know how you tattoo lovers, owners, and speculators feel with our poll.

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Macielle Betances

Public Relations and Events Coordinator

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