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P.D.A. is nothing if not original. His chosen name, P.D.A.: Public Display of Afflection, proves that what he has to share can’t be voiced using anyone’s existing vocabulary.

Anthony ‘P.D.A.’ Jenkins explains that ‘afflection’ is the struggle between love and hate, and his lyrics spin countless examples of this ongoing battle. His music crosses hip hop, rock and pop genres. His ability to command the attention of the audience during live shows is like nothing else. Even his effortless, preppy-rap-rocker style makes a statement.

Just off the successful release of his ‘Act III – Wasted Talent’ album, P.D.A. set out to discover career gold in Los Angeles, California. We had the chance to corner the rapper and ask him all about his latest EP release ‘Occupy Hollywood’.


HG – ‘Occupy Hollywood’ is a lot of fun. Tell us your inspiration for the new EP.

PDA – Disneyland. As strange as that sounds. I wanted the album to be a short fun ride. Disneyland was always an escape from life and I wanted this album to be like that. I had a lot of fun ideas for songs at the time and I just wanted to share them with people.. There’s nothing serious about Occupy Hollywood. Even though the name seems political it isn’t. I just wanted to make fun music and let people have fun listening to it. But if people want something to think about, go listen to my album ‘Act III – Wasted Talent‘.


HG -You left Tulsa for the Big City of Dreams. Tell me about your experiences in Los Angeles. Good? Bad? How does this play out in ‘Occupy Hollywood’?

PDA- LA was so much fun!! I met a lot of amazing dancers and friends and a few celebs. I pretty much just partied and hung out every night. But that was also the problem with LA: I didn’t get shit done! I was there for a little over a year and didn’t do ANYTHING productive. Now I’m in Dallas and it is pretty cool here. I get more music and video stuff done. I put out two albums in the last nine months living here. There were too many distractions in LA, but I loved it there. I plan on moving back there soon. ‘Occupy Hollywood’ may seem like it was influenced by “LA Life,” but the “Hollywood” in the title is more influenced by movies than the actual experience of living there.


HG – What’s your favorite kind of song to write?

PDA – I really enjoy doing backhanded songs, like, sarcastic songs. Where people think it’s about one thing but it actually means another. I have a song called “Lush” and when you first hear it, it sounds like a party song glorifying girls getting fucked up and getting laid.. But if you REALLY listen, it’s about how stupid you look when you do those things. It’s so funny when I see girls dancing to that song because it’s like they think I’m agreeing with their behavior when I’m really not. I’m strange that way. 


HG – You tend to work with people who are really close to you. Do you ever run into issues mixing friendship and business?

PDA – Not really. I hate talking money with friends so I normally hook my friends up. Some friends get bitter when they see things going good for me and maybe not so well for them and then they start talking crazy about me. But all they have to do is pick up the phone and I will help as much as I can.


HG -How would you describe your style?

PDA – My style is stupid. I’m the WORST with fashion. We had to hire stylists to buy my clothes to make me look “cool” for photo shoots. If I dress myself its just a t-shirt with some cartoon I like on it and some slim jeans and a zipper hoodie. And I wear a lot of purple.


HG -What artists are you really feeling right now? Who do you look up to musically?

PDA – I’m REALLY feeling Wallpaper #StupidFacedd right now. I’ve also been on a Skrillex kick for the past few months. Eliza Doolittles album is AMAZING!! I have always  looked up to Michael Jackson. I study him. Like REALLY study him. His methods, his moves, his drive, his sound. I probably know more about him and his music then anything I ever learned in school. He is the greatest artist of all time. And in order to be the best, you have to understand the best. I just want to succeed like he has succeeded.


HG -What projects are you working on right now?

PDA – Right now we are re-working some of my songs from the past couple of years compiled with new songs for a new release on a new label. I’m working with awesome producers on the project – Matt Wallace (who did Maroon 5‘s album) and Marc McClusky (who did Weezer‘s album) so it’s going to be awesome to see how it all turns out. The new album will be out in April.


HG – Feel free to throw in anything else you’d like the world to know.

PDA – Umm.. Turtle Power! Thank you again!


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