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Once Upon a Time, I Went Yoni Poppin’

Review of Nerissa Nefeteri's Feminine Health Workout

Good day babes! Guess what?

I had the pleasure of having my Yoni Poppin’ cherry popped at Nerissa Nefeteri Irving’s workshop hosted at Inhale Miami last month.

Whoa, what an incredible experience.

Yoni Poppin’ is a feminine health fitness class created by sexpert and published model Nerissa Nefeteri. The Miami event brought over 50+ women together of all ages and backgrounds. It was a beautiful thing!

Yoni Poppin

Before I dive into this review, let me just say that Nerissa really is an amazing, unique person. The way she is able to connect with her tribe on such a deep and personal level is extraordinary, especially over a topic we were taught to never speak about. I was truly honored that she invited me to participate in Yoni Poppin’ and look forward to seeing more great things from her!

Oh, and did I mention she did all this while being 7 months prego? In the summer. In Miami. Talk about a #MomBoss!

This holistic day-long event kicked off with a Bellies Workshop hosted by two incredible doulas from Texas, including Barbara Verneus of @TinyandBrave  an Trachell of The Earthly Mother.


We were also blessed with some amazing vegan treats from Nerissa’s mother, the chef behind @HopeGardensKitchen. I did my best not to get too greedy with the watermelon lemonade, but I also went back for more of the Irish Moss parfait – it was so damn delicious.

Even though I am not currently expecting, I love attending prenatal events because I always gain so much knowledge. Plus, I get to share everything I learn with you!

The Bellies Workshop was no exception, the doulas were full of valuable information and answered a lot of important questions. They covered a lot of natural parenting concerns, including vaginal birth, choosing a midwife, becoming a doula, placenta encapsulation, vaginal steaming, natural birth control – all my favorite topics.

There were two things that stood out to me:

1) Breastfeeding is not a natural birth control and will not stop you from getting pregnant. I really thought this was true 🙁

2) Eating your placenta after birth can actually speed up your healing process. I personally know this is true 🙂

I also got to hear the birth stories of some incredible mamas that I will share with you later on #MomSoHYPE

I did not have a doula when I had Nas, but after hearing from these two ladies it is definitely something I want for my next birth!

After Bellies, we moved over to the Lotus Wellness pop-up shop where you could find all of Nerissa feminine health goodies, as well as custom pieces from @WaistBeadsbyFatou, and vegan snacks by my girl @PlanetUmoja. I went ahead a got my Lotus Egg Beginner Box, Yoni Detox Pearls, Yoni Poppin’ TankTwist and Loc Gel and Feminine Wash. I also got my very first set of waistbeads which I have not taken off since. I will be rolling out reviews on everything I bought a little later this month 🙂

Yoni Poppin

Yoni Poppin

The pop-up shop was definitely fun, but I couldn’t wait to get to the main event, the Yoni Poppin’ workshop!

Of course, I wanted to get the full Yoni Poppin’ experience, so I grabbed my box and went to the bathroom to insert my yoni egg. This was not my first time using a yoni egg, but it was definitely my first time working out with one. I have to say, it was pretty nice lol.

Nerissa started us off by having the group form a big circle and hold hands. We then did what felt like a thousand rounds of squats while moving in a circle AND squeezing our kegels.

Omg, my poor thighs!

But I admit, it felt good and having the other ladies around to keep you motivated made a big difference. Plus the music was lit 🙂

The workout continued with a variety of slow-moving exercises including yoga poses and pilates moves that I haven’t done in years. I could definitely feel my kegels in action, I actually think my V may have even gotten excited during working out!

Once we cooled down, Nerissa had an open discussion about her products and how to use them. She also invited everyone to ask questions – most of which was sex-related. Want squirting orgasms? Tighter walls? More intimacy? Nerissa had ALL the keys girl

After the discussion, we had a quick break and then went into our music rotation and guided meditation to raise our Kundalini Vibration. This part of the workshop was lead my Nerissa’s husband, M1 of hip-hop group Dead Prez.

I have to say, I LOVED the meditation. It was probably the best group meditation I have ever had. I am a regular meditator, but this one actually had a real effect on me. I literally teared up because I was able to really tap into myself, my soul and what I wanted from my life. Maybe it was the yoni egg, but I did not expect such an emotional reaction. It was extremely freeing, and I look forward to doing it again.

Yoni Poppin
At the end, Nerissa blessed us with a goodie bag that included a free Vagina Therapy feminine wash (which I LOVE) and took a photo with everyone. It was a lovely ending to a fabulous day of crystal healing, food, and fitness.

If you ever get a chance to attend Nerissa’s workshop, make sure you stay until the very end. It will change your life! Catch a full recap of the event right here

Yoni Poppin

You can keep up with Nerissa, her products, and all her amazing work at the following links:

Instagram: @nerissanefeteri   @yonipoppin  @naturotica   @neneorganics

Websites: www.nenefemhealth.com          www.naturoticawellness.com

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Nicky is crunchy, DIY mama and established entrepreneur based in sunny Miami, FL. She is the founder of HypeGirls and Werk it Moms LLC. Nicky also launched PERIOD.org's Miami Chapter - PERIOD Miami. She has a love for feminine health and is currently a Doula (DT) under Mama Glow. Nicky holds a Bachelor's Degree in Communications from Florida International University and a Master's of Science Degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University. To contact Nicky email her directly via [email protected]

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