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Interview with Photographer Yakaly Di Roma

Latina Moms Breastfeed Event

Happy Fall Mamas!

I’m sure you already know, but October is all about awareness and Breast Cancer is at the forefront. All month long, I will be dropping knowledge bombs about keeping your breasts healthy.  I will have blogs on how to check your breast for lumps, foods you can eat to prevent breast cancer and a couple incredible stories from mothers who have dealt with this life-changing disease.

Breasts are such a huge part of motherhood. In fact, tender boobs are the first symptom most women get when they become pregnant. Our breasts creating the food for our little ones and truly solidify the connecting between mother and child.  Breast make us feel sexy and feminine, all while serving a divine purpose.

This is why it is so important that we take care of them, it is not just women that benefit from having healthy breasts.

In honor of the boobs, wanted to reshare this amazing interview I had with published photographer Yakaly Di Roma of Di Roma Photography. This mama put together a fabulous group breastfeeding event that had a huge turnout of over 70 moms!

As you know, breastfeeding in public tends to be controversial. I find it ridiculous that people find such a beautiful natural act so offensive.  If a bottle-fed baby can have lunch in public, a breastfed baby should have the same right. Mothers should feel totally comfortable breastfeeding in public spaces, not ashamed.

I had the pleasure of chatting with a few lactating moms at the event about their stance on the issue and why they chose to breastfeed their little ones. Was great to meet so many amazing mamas!

You can keep up with Yakaly on Instagram and book your photo session on her website.

Stayed tuned for deets on the next event and feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel!

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