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Thank You For Another Great Raddest Craft Fair!

raddest craft fair

Days leading up to The Raddest Craft Fair we became a little worried. For the second time there would have been a tropical storm affecting the fair. But we threw all of our positive vibes into the air and we woke up to nothing but the bright sunshine. We wanted nothing more then for you all to have the freshest ingredients, so we prepared our body scrub care package on site. As the crowd poured in, we had a great turn around nine classes in just three hours! We were happy to see nothing but┬ásmiling, satisfied customers ­čÖé



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We had a few mommies and daughters join us at The Raddest Craft Fair, which is amazing because we will be bringing more ‘Mommy and Me’ workshops to the community this holiday season.

We are looking forward for more workshops in the future and we hope you all can join us ! Thank you to our friends at Prism Creative Group!

the raddest craft fair

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