Let’s Beat The Summer Sun With Hemp Seed

We are well into one of the most sun-filled seasons of the year, summertime! Hopefully by now you’ve had your share of fun in the summer sun during your picnics on the beach or at those highly anticipated pool parties (even when no one’s swimming) this Summer ’16. If not, you still have time to take advantage of the fabulous weather this season has to offer, or at least travel to a destination that does. But of course before you go working on that suntan in your hot little swimsuit you’ve been dying to rock all summer, I’m going to let you in on a few tips to help protect your skin & beat the sun!

Back to the basics we go with some good ole SPF. There are tons of products that boast the effects of their Sun Protection Factors and while most store-bought products like sunscreen lotions and sprays protect against the sun’s harmful UVB rays, they are loaded with ingredients that can cause more harm than good. Store-bought sunscreens are known to alter the natural occurring chemicals in the skin which can also affect your hormone levels. The whole point of sunscreen is to protect your skin from the sun’s UVB rays which can cause skin cancers, but not to use them to increase the risk factors themselves! Truth is there are plenty of benefits to basking in the sun, like increasing your body’s Vitamin D levels, which naturally occurs in the skin with exposure to the sun. So how do you increase your Vitamin D levels naturally without altering your hormones? Ditch your store-bought product and give the Earthly Body Dreamsicle Glow Moisturizing Oil a try. You can snatch all natural blend of oils on for just $15.99. The natural soothing effects of the hemp seed oil in this product will prevent the sun from burning your skin and provide that much needed protection you’ve been looking for this summer. Earthly Body Dreamsicle Glow Moisturizing Oil has natural healing properties that prove that this sun protectant goes far beyond the claims of your typical drugstore sunscreen.

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Next pair your Vitamin D enriched skin with smooth, nourished lips. Your lips can be just as vulnerable to the summer’s heat as the rest of your skin. Sun-exposed, unprotected lips can become dry and sunburnt. A product that will definitely give your lips that soft, supple feeling we all crave is the Earthly Body Miracle Oil. Earthly Body Miracle Oil is a natural blend of oils that you can apply to your lips and face that is an ultra-light, Vitamin E enriched solution. Your lips are sure to be left fresh and revived. The Earthly Body Miracle Oil retails at $11.99 and you can find this awesome product at

Bring your summer look all together with the perfect products to protect your hair from the sun. Earthly Body Hemp Seed Hair Care Shampoo is a nourishing moisturizing shampoo that features the highest quality of cosmetic hemp seed oil, coconut oil and natural botanicals all in one product that is gentle enough to use every day. This ‘poo is great for all hair types and especially for color and/or chemically-treated hair. The sun fades are brilliant hair colors turning them dull. Purchase the Earthly Body Hemp Seed Hair Care Shampoo for $13.99 and pair it with Earthly Body Hemp Seed Hair Care Conditioner for $15.99. If you want an added boost of protection perfect for maintaining your hairstyles this summer, also add the Earthly Body Hemp Seed Hair Styling Elixir to the collection for $22.99. The Earthly Body Hemp Seed Hair Styling Elixir will leave your hair smooth and shiny without weighing it down. The Earthly Body Hemp Seed Hair Styling Elixir will keep your hair moisturized and protected to top of your entire look for summer. Find all these wonderful products on

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Now that you have your must-have, all-natural SPF enriched product lists of the summer, you can bet your skin and hair will be glowing to perfection all summer long. So for Summer ’16 go ahead and beat your hair, face, lips and body to the Sun Gods as you beat the sun, protecting one of your best features ever – your skin!

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