#SaveRnB : The Mixtape, The Motive, The Mission!


“Save RnB isn’t just a mixtape, it’s a mission”


The world is full of hip hop, pop, rock, etc. and over the past years, I feel like R&B music has fallen off the radar. Not because there’s no great R&B artists left, but because so many have transformed into what the industry wants them to be and the trends.


R&B is timeless. R&B is heartfelt, it’s raw, it’s emotional—you can play that one old R&B song that made you feel amazing “back in the day” and I guarantee you that joy would return if you played it today. But nowadays all the new releases consist of ‘twerking and bottle popping’. Now I’m all for a good twerking session occasionally but these song expire about 2 months after the radio gets a hold of them. Simply because you get tired of it, and there’s no attachment because you didn’t emotionally connect with that song, you just liked dancing to it.


R&B was that glue. It kept people hooked because we will forever have feelings. Whether we’re in love, out of love, depressed, happy…whatever it may be, we feel it.

#SaveRnB is a mission to keep R&B music alive. To incorporate the old school with the new school, to FEEL it again, to make people want to dedicate songs to one another again, to unite R&B singers instead of forcing them to compete, to make people sing along, smile, cry, love, make love… Save the love, Save RnB!


Amber Monique’s #SaveRnB mixtape release party featured live performances from Amber Monique ft. Prez P & Ebanga, giveaways from Lila Nikole and Hype Girls, a live painting from Cita Art, amazing treats by BabiCakes Creations, and complimentary champagne courtesy of Moonchine.


The evening was filled with soulful sounds from Amber Monique and her live band featuring musicians Fareed ‘Rip’ Salamah, JNeri on the keys and Larren on the drums. Great food, great people, great music. The #SaveRnB movement was in full effect.

Thank you from Amber Monique: Thank you so much to everyone who attended my #SaveRnB release party August 21st at Moonchine your love and support means so much to me. Thank you Amanda( @ThatDancer) for all of the amazing photos! Thank you to my amazing band Josh, Larren and Fareed. Thank you to all the producers that contributed to #SaveRnB, MillzGraphixx for the design, thank you to Prez P and Ebanga for not only being apart of the tape but taking the stage with me. Thank you to Jrosser for also being apart of the mixtape. Thank you to Lila Nikole, The Sound Audio, Hype Girls, CitaArt, BabiCakes Creations, and HUGE thank you to NickyJiggy for putting so much time and effort into this movement and helping my dream come true!!! <3<3


Check out some of the photos from Amber Monique’s ‘Save RnB mixtape release party’ below and be sure to download #SaveRnB! For more photos from the party click HERE!


Donate $10 to the movement and receive a signed hard copy of #SaveRnB !

Amber Monique

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