Rihanna Talks That Talk, Literally!

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Rihanna ‘We Found Love’

Rihanna is known for having plenty to say and all of it has been uncensored just check her twitter page, but now she’s been mouthing off about some one wanting to be her “one and only.”

We all remember the infamous Chris Brown and Rihanna fight that lead to the break up of the then hottest couple. Just when the idea of the pair having any connection went away the Twitterverse gave us a little something more to speculate about.

Rihanna’s Angry Tweets

Recently, Ri-Ri has been tweeting angry rants about someone trying to be with her but no longer having that chance. It turns out allegedly, Rihanna has been contacting Chris in hopes to rekindle what they once had. My question is if she has been trying to hook up with Chris once more, what has her panties all in a bunch?

‘We Found Love’ Shoot

Since the break up Rihanna has gone through a serious bad girl streak and has been linked to a couple of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors including Drake and LA Dodgers star Matt Kemp earning her the title of a ‘serial dater’. There’s no doubt in my mind that Rih still wants Chris, even her “We Found Love” music video leading man, Dudley O’Shaughnessy, bears a striking resemblance to Chris Brown.

Chris’ Tattoo

Well a source says that Chris is happy with model girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, and has a new tattoo to prove it. Brown has been seen sporting a face tattoo on his left arm of his current girlfriend. This tattoo is what has Rihanna fuming and she isn’t letting up. After, pictures surface of Rihanna smoking a “funny looking cigarette” while on vacation in Hawaii, people are starting to wonder is this all a result of her heated feelings towards Brown?

By the looks of it, Ri-Ri and Chris will not be getting back together anytime soon. He’s happy and I’m glad to see him doing great for himself.

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