Unleash Your Inner Mom Star At PlugIN Private Karaoke

an innovative music and entertainment experience

Happy hump day mamas, I’ve got a cool family spot to share with you!

PlugIN Private Karaoke Rooms came to Gulfstream Park last month and it is a super cool musical experience unlike any other karaoke I’ve ever done. The facility boast 18 private karaoke rooms and over 30,000 tracks that you can jam along to. And they have great food and drinks (alcohol too) so you have everything you need to have a great time!

But what I love about it the most is that it is a GREAT activity for families to do! Kids of all ages can enjoy, and it doesn’t get too boring for those moody teenagers. They have enough space to accommodate even the largest family – up to 150 people to be exact. And kids under 5 are free, so you can bring the little ones along to enjoy the fun without breaking your pocket. It’s a great way for the whole fam to unleash their inner rockstar!

Orrrrr if you want to ditch the kids and make it a date night you can get your own private room for two. Or a host a bomb girls night out. Both sound pretty promising ūüôā

That’s why I am super excited to share with you these amazing family packs so you can experience the “PlugIN effect” for yourself. Plus it saves you a nice chunk of change ūüėČ

PlugIN Private Karaoke

Package #1 FAMILY FUN for 4

$129 for family of 4, include: cover charge for 4, 4 total soft drinks (free refills), 4 total entrées (2 adults, 2 kids), ice cream for the kids. For up to 3 hours of fun!

(Package has a value of: $194)

Children under 5 do not pay a cover charge. 

Promotion valid until September 30, 2017

Package #2 FAMILY FUN for 5

$159 for family of 5, includes: cover charge for 5, 5 total soft drinks (free refills), 5 total entrées (2 adults, 3 kids), ice cream for the kids. For up to 3 hours of fun!

(Package has a value of: $240)

Children under 5 do not pay a cover charge. 

Promotion valid until September 30, 2017 

Reservations can be made via www.pluginkaraoke.com or at 1-8444-PLUGIN (1-844-475-8446).

Here’s a little more deets from PlugIN Private Karaoke:

PlugIN’s new approach to entertainment is luxurious and inviting. The experience includes beautifully designed private karaoke rooms of various sizes, accommodating small to large groups of up to 150 people, offering a comfortable and upbeat environment. Guests can enjoy a night out or hold private and corporate events at the impressive 11,000+ sqf venue. The private rooms feature digital song selection from a catalog of over 35,000 titles in multiple languages, all with the latest in audio and visual lighting technologies. In addition, visitors can enjoy premium in-room dining with an extensive bar selection of beer, wine, cocktails and spirits.

Visit their website  www.pluginkaraoke.com

*This was a sponsored post created in collaboration with Allied Integrated Marketing and PlugIN Global.

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