Sunday Funday: Best Relaxation Techniques

It’s Sunday, and you know what that means…relaxation at its finest! Sunday is the day of the week that we sleep off the activities of the weekend and re-energize for the week ahead of us. So take a look at some of the best relaxation techniques we’ve compiled to make your “Sunday Funday” as relaxing as possible.

1. Meditate/Yoga : Yoga and meditation are two of the most relaxing things you can do. Take a friend or family member with you to a yoga class or even go to the beach or find a quiet place at home where you can stretch out those stressed limbs and soak up the calming silence, waves, and/or serene melodies.


2. Spa Day: Now, we know all of us aren’t to the point where we can just jump up and decide to pay for an entire spa day, that would just create more stress on us after spending all that cash. So what we suggest is, creating an “at-home spa day”. Yes, get the cucumbers, the facial cream, lotions, mud mask, etc. There are a lot of natural masks, lotions, exfoliators, that can be made with everyday items that you already have in your refrigerators and cabinets. Not only is this less stress on your pockets, but you can feel at peace in your own home.

3. Beach it out: The sound of the waves, the sun rays, the beautiful sand…there’s something about the beach that just makes everyone feel so at ease and carefree. Dedicate your Sunday Funday to a couple of hours at the beach, and you’ll be sure to hit your peak of pure relaxation.


4. Don’t whine, WINE: A glass of whine and a good book can go a long way. Get away from all the stresses in your life, pick up your favorite book (yes ladies, 50 Shades of Grey will suffice), pour yourself a glass of wine, and soak up the peace! This is one of our fave techniques!

5. Just breathe: If you are to that point of absolute insanity, walk it off, take a deep breath, and remember you can’t change the world in an hour. Take one day at a time and just take time to breathe. One of the fastest, most effective de-stressing techniques is to take deep breathes and focus on your breathing for a few moments so you can get yourself back together. Don’t let life rule you, everyone needs a day of relaxation.


Keep calm and enjoy your “Sunday Funday”!

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