HYPE Love & Life: Did Women Kill Chivalry?

One of the most popular statements made by women today is ‘Chivalry is dead’, which may be true but are we the ones who killed it? Men and women have changed with the times. Everything is advancing in this world-technology, clothing, music…the one thing that seems to be falling apart in this world is relationships.

We’re not here to give you ladies one of those “Back In The Day” speeches, but we must own up to our part in murdering that beautiful thing we call chivalry. We constantly state, “Men are not how they used to be”, but neither are women. In the year 2012, it seems that women have eliminated the whole “challenge” aspect of being in a relationship.

Every man likes a challenge and doesn’t want a woman he can easily get into. You can’t keep calling ALL men dogs simply because you keep making the mistake of letting him out the doghouse and into your bed. Chivalry stems from the respect level women have for themselves. A man will only get as far as you let him.

So to solve this murder case and answer, ‘Who killed chivalry?’…Women did. We’ve lowered our respect level, standards, and our panties all too soon. A man will not respect you if you don’t respect yourself. Chivalry is dead because we don’t expect it from them anymore.

Holding the door, pulling out your seat, opening the car door, not driving off until you’ve made it safely into your house, getting inside your mind instead of your pants; you want that? Then, expect it! Men will take advantage of any opportunity, and they know when we let go, and give in. The problem is, we seek companionship so badly, that we end up settling. Don’t set yourself up to get hurt. It’s your body, respect it.

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