7 Creative Baby Shower Prizes

Being pregnant is already stressful enough, but having to plan a baby shower while pregnant can nearly drive you crazy. While a having a baby shower is really about getting necessary things for you and baby, it’s also about entertaining your friends and family. I mean, you have to give them something right? Usually the baby shower entertainment comes in the form of food, music and of course some good old-fashion baby shower games. And if you are planning on having games at your shower, you have to think baby shower prizes for your guests!

It’s easy to get creative with your baby shower prizes! If you are planning on having kids at the shower, remember to keep them in mind too when it comes to prizes. Really, you can just put together a few goodie bags with the same items and you are good to go. But for the adult guests, it certainly helps to have a few useful prizes they can actually use. And ladies, don’t forget about prizes for the guys!

Here are some of our favorite creative baby shower prize ideas for your special event:

Handmade beauty items

baby shower prizes - katkat soaps

Handmade soaps, body scrubs or other skincare items are always a big hit! You can make your own recipes at home and get custom labels made with your baby name on it. Too cute! Too much to handle? Order them online!


Love toys


Who wouldn’t want to win a prize of love? Make your baby shower more interesting by throwing in something sexy and fun like these mini vibrators or other fun adult toys!


Cookie mix in a jar


This is a great prize for any foodie! Put your favorite cookie mix recipe in a jar and layer it to create this tasty prize. You can also create an instant-oatmeal mix with the same style. Just don’t forget to add instructions to this gift for your guests!

BPA-Free tumblers


Give them a prize they can actually use such as a BPA-free reusable plastic tumblr or water bottle. Fill it up with fun things like lip gloss, granola bars, candy or other small things your guests can use at home.

Mini liquor bottles


This is a great prize for the guys at the shower, but anyone who isn’t pregnant will also enjoy it! Good idea to include a mix of different liquors in a sheer bag so the winner can clearly see it. Add a funny tag to the prize bag to make it even more fun!

Pedicure in a mug


Find a cute mug with a fun saying and fill it up with everything you need for a pedicure! Include some related items like hand sanitizer, body spray or foot lotion to fill it up a bit more 🙂

Wine (or champagne)

baby shower prizes - mini-wine-bottles

Ok, so this isn’t exactly creative, but do I really need to elaborate on this? Wine is the best prize ever. Include a wine glass if you really want to make your guests happy!

creative baby shower game prizes

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