Beautiful Repurposed Furniture Ideas For Your Garden

Recycling your old furniture is a great way to give a second life to those old antique pieces you just can’t bear to part with! While old furniture may outlive your home or style, that doesn’t mean it can’t be useful in a new way. One of the coolest and most creative ways to use repurposed furniture is to take it outdoors!

Check out these awesome garden design ideas I came across:

Repurposed Furniture

Have an old style bathtub laying around? Why not turn it into a giant vintage flower pot? The great thing about using a bathtub as a garden pot is that it already has a built in hole so your plants can drain properly. To find this very unique addition your home garden check out eBay, craigslist or your local estate sales.

Repurposed Furniture Dresser with Succulents

I am in love with the dresser concept, but personally think this would look AMAZING if it were hand-painted in a funky colorful, aztec design. The dresser drawers are set up as tiers so you can show of rows of beautiful plants – perfect for herbs! I will definitely be using this decor idea in my future home garden.

Repurposed Furniture Garden Guitar

I would have never thought to use an old guitar in this way but it is such a beautiful way to display your plants! Remove the strings so you can have your plant as centerpiece on the instrument. I would try to collect a few guitars for a more impressive wall display. A good place to find old unusable instruments is in thrift stores or at local garage sales.

Repurposed Furniture

I am a sucker for succulents but I love them even more on this old patio chair. By removing the seat and adding in a fitted plant pot in its place, you can turn any old chair into a fantastic garden art.

Repurposed furnitue Garden Piano

I had to save the best for last. This vintage piano garden waterfall is gorgeous and will make your garden memorable! This was built and designed by Bill Metzgar. 1885 Steinway with bad termite damage to the inner structure beyond repair was turned into a fountain by Metzgar and given to his mom for mother’s day. This project may take a bit more work than the others, but the results are well worth it. Finding an old piano is not as hard as you think – there are many old music shops and thrift stores that get old piano dropped off to them that never find a home. Too much work? No problem, you can actually contact the creator Bill Metzgar directly to get your own custom waterfall piano made –  [email protected].

Have an awesome repurposed garden decor to share? Send it to us!

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