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Behind the Beat: AMonique’s Pluto feat Prez P

Singer/songwrtier AMonique released her latest track, Pluto feat Prez P this past 4th of July. After dropping the track, we got a lot of questions about what the lyrics in the song were really about. What does the rocket mean? What do you mean by Pluto? Everyone seemed to have their own ideas in mind,  so we decided to ask the songstress herself!

How did you come up with ‘Pluto’? 

Pluto was originally a poem I had written about a guy.
What is ‘Pluto’ about? And the rocket?
It’s about escaping to the furthest possible place, from all the artificial things in life that humans get sucked into with the only person that understands you as an individual. The song itself can definitely be perceived in different ways,lol but that’s what songs are supposed to do in my opinion. Relate to it, however it applies to your life. 😉
How did the collaboration with Prez P come about?
I was actually late to Prez P. I had heard a lot about him but never listened to his stuff until we met at a show I performed at. I loved his entire vibe and the fact that he doesn’t rap about a lot of these other rappers do. When I came up with Pluto, I knew his style would fit the track perfectly and match where I wanted to go with the song. His style is unique and I had to have that on my tape!
Well there you go! Make sure to get your copy of Pluto and stayed tuned for more tracks from AMonique!
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