Bethenny Frankel Brings Us Munchie-Free Weed

In yet another genius move, Skinnygirl Cocktails founder Bethenny Frankel has decided to develop her own line of marijuana to the joy of pot-loving, junk food feening women everywhere. Yes ladies, Skinnygirl kush is on it’s way to your pipes, bowls and blunts.

After visiting a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado last December, Frankel decided that she would create her own marijuana strain that won’t give you the munchies when you toke it up. Wow. It’s like a dream come true for many women – and men – especially those go off into a junk food binge after getting high from traditional marijuana strains. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift Bethenny.

Bethanny Frankel

Miss Frankel has already seen tremendous success with her Skinnygirl cocktail line which offers almost any type of cocktail you can think of. The low-calorie yet still alcoholic beverages have allowed bored housewives and college party girls to maintain a slim waistline all while drinking up a storm.

The new Skinnygirl weed has no set release date but will only be available in states where recreational use is permitted – Colorado, Alaska, Oregon and Washington. There is no official name for the line of green at this point, but I’m sure they will come up with more than one flavor of munchie-free ganja. Skinnygirl purp, Skinnygirl diesel, Skinny girl scout anyone? 🙂

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Nicky Dawkins

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