Vegan Beauty – DIY or Buy

It has been over a year now since I started switching out all my mainstream beauty products (and household products ) to all natural, chemical-free vegan products. I have managed to create all my own potions at home, and the difference has been amazing. But I have to admit, sometimes there are some beauty products I would like to have that I just don’t have the time or proper materials to make. Enter our friends at Earthly Body 🙂

Vegan Beauty

I discovered the Earthly Body brand about 6 months ago, and I was surprised at how great their product line was. I started out using just the hemp seed massage candles (wink, wink) and later started using their lotions and body oils (more wink wink). I have to say, I really do love their products. Everything they make is from hemp seed and it is all completely vegan. Amazing!

Vegan Beauty

The wonderful thing about Earthly Body is that they rely on the kind of all-natural ingredients that someone might use to whip up a batch of DIY moisturizer at home (insert self here). And all the hemp product fans out there can count on the beneficial properties of hemp seed oil infused into every batch. Pair that with the fact that hemp on its own is endorsed as a sustainable crop due to it myriad manufacturing uses – all without depleting natural resources at the rate of other crops. Earthly Body is a company that consumers with conscience can feel good about supporting. That being said, we are so proud now to offer a full line of Earthy Body Hemp Seed products in our shop!

Vegan Beauty Edible Oils

Visit the store now for Earthy Body vegan beauty body lotions, massage candles, edible massage oils, tea tree hair care, and more.

My goal for shopHYPE over the next few months is to become an online destination that makes you feel good. I want to bring you brands that promote your health and wellness, plus create fun apparel and meaningful content to feed your soul. I hope you stick with us and see what we are bringing you this summer!

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