Google? Facebook? Nike? Where College Graduates Really Want To Work


It’s finally here! After years of studying, cramming and sharing notes with your classmate you have finally earned that college degree! Now the big question is, where do you work? Even though the American job market has been a bit down the past two years, recent college grads still have high expectations about where their studies will land them. Despite claims from current executives that the younger generation just wants to work less, many college graduates actually hope for a career that will challenge their minds and not just fill up their pockets.

According to recent studies, the most desired work place amongst graduating students is: Google. For business and technology students, naturally this company is a first choice. To no one’s surprise, this year Google also came up in as a top pick for student from many other fields, including engineering, communications and law. Google’s new direction with YouTube and the Google Play store also attracts students who studied music, gaming and production. But Google isn’t the only company making a lasting impression of graduate students. Also at the top of most lists were Walt Disney, Microsoft and Facebook. According to surveyed graduates, the main reasons for the selection aside from being challenged were job security, work-life balance and of course, salary!

So recent grads, HypeGirls wants to know: Out of the top eight employers selected by college graduates, where would you want to work?



*The information in this survey was based on the responses of 59,643 undergraduates at 318 universities and colleges. The research was performed for Universum, an international company that specializes in employee branding and improving communication between students and their future employers.


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