How Far Is Too Far, In Beauty?

Shenise Farrell, Taken By Murray Sanders

How comfortable are you in your own skin? Looking back into the mirror, can you say that you are confident being you? To state that there isn’t anything we’d like to change about ourselves given the opportunity is simply called lying. Sure a little nip tuck here, implants there, even hair extensions count, but would you go so far as to surgically change your eye color?

Shenise Farrell from Perivale, West London underwent this surgery, after reading about it online. Farrell traveled to Panama to have her brown eyes changed to blue, with the help of New Color Iris Company’s lens implants. The implants are placed over the iris and are said to give you the color desired without the constant maintenance of contact lenses.

The NewIris Lens

Less than two weeks later, Farrell nearly lost her eye sight and had to get the implants removed. UK surgeons repaired a hole in her iris and removed the implants to simply save her sight, although she can now see, her eyes are now the original brown color. Farrell says ‘It was the biggest mistake I have ever made, to think I could have never been able to see my children again. It was totally reckless of me.’ Needless to say, the website has now been shut down and the company is no longer conducting operations.

Shenice After The Implants Were Inserted

This is just one example of extreme surgeries, but who says that we have to look a certain way to be beautiful? Why do we allow society to tell us what is desirable? For a people who screams and shouts about independence and being able to have our own free thinking minds, wouldn’t you agree that our minds have been manipulated to self inflict hate on ourselves while making us strive to impossible standards of ourselves? Next time you start to look in the mirror and nit-pick on what you want to change, remember you are perfect the way you are and blessed to even be able to look in that same mirror.

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