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“You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression”

The dating world isn’t as smooth as some serial daters make it out to be. For the most part, the men end up having to make all the tough decisions. Tough decision number one is the biggest decision of the night…location. The location of the date sets the mood for everything. Unfortunately, most first dates take place without knowing much information about the date, so I’ve put together a few ideas that have been voted full proof by many of Miami’s toughest critics.

The Wine Depot

The first date doesn’t have to be a super pricey occasion, the traditional movie dates are great but little twist and spins are always appreciated. The Swap Shop, offers the comfort of the movies in a classic way, the drive-in. They offer first-run stream flicks at a beautiful $6 a pop. Not interested in a “regular movie date,” well then everyone knows that laughter is the ultimate ice breaker, so why not head over to the Just The Funny Theatre, where comedians feature skits that are molded by the audiences suggestions.

Wynwood Kitchen

Art Walk, is one of our favorites especially because you don’t necessarily need to be an art connoisseur. Every second Saturday of the month, head to Wynwood for a great scene that’s sure to be a sensory overload conversation starter. Try out Wynwood Kitchen for sure! They have an eggplant sandwich that is to die for! Wine tasting is also becoming very popular — thank goodness — many bars are opening up to being more dater friendly, this ambiance invites a relaxing tone for conversation and alcohol usually takes the edge off. Wine Depot is great! Awaken your inner sommelier, by selecting a wine, hand it over to the waiter then relax in their lounge and wait to be served. You’ll impress your date with all the attention to detail they provide you with, VIP anyone?

First dates can lead to much anxiety but it doesn’t need to be that way, whether you are in Miami or not, creativity always wins over deep pockets.

First Impression

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