Amonique feat eBanga Picture Me Rollin’ Tupac Tribute

In celebration of the late rapper Tupac Shakur, singer/Songwriter Amber Monique aka Amonique and local Miami rapper eBanga released a re-mixed version of his song, Picture Me Rollin’. Check out how they came up with the collab and play the track below!

Why I chose the track?

It sounds so cliche’ but I really think the track chose me.  One day I was just chillin listening to Pac and the youtube playlist went to the instrumental version of Tupac’s ‘Picture Me Rollin’. So I started recording on my phone and literally just freestyled to it. No pen, no paper…That entire verse was off the top of my head.
How the collab came?
About a month before I did the freestyle, I found out about Ebanga and became a fan. This specific collab came about because, although I liked my flow on the track, I though it needed some hip hop…but not just any hip hop, I wanted a dope female mc to give it that extra feeling. I needed someone that understood the flow and feeling of what I had already put down. I knew Ebanga could capture that because no matter what’s been thrown at her, she still chases her dream. and that’s what our remix of picture me rollin is about…’we’ve been through our sh*t, but you can still…picture us rollin’
What is the song about?
In my verse, I basically expose truths. ‘mistreated, cheated, beat, fooled, ridiculed’…’she aint cool, why she talk white…she too black, she don’t act right’…I basically tell everyone I’m more than just a pretty face. People always see me and think I’ve been handed the world because of what they see, so in the song i basically put out that.. yea, I’m human..and I go through harsh things in life too…just as the ever so lovely Ebanga. She may be small but her lyrics pack a mighty hard punch because she’s been through some thangs.lol That’s why this remix has so much feeling behind it. People feel it, because everybody is going through something.
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