How To Stay Productive In A Freezing Office Environment

As crazy as it seems, some offices actually keep the temperature inside much colder than it is outside. Reasons for keeping a cold work environment vary, but whatever the case being cold can affect your mood, your body and overall productivity on the job. But never fear, I’ve put together a few tips to help you stay warm and productive at work!

Speak up

If you are too cold, make some noise. Many employees will just grit their teeth and deal with it, but if you feel that your productivity is being affected, then your boss will be happy you spoke up. Remember the whole point of you being there is to work, so if your office environment prohibits you from being productive, say something!


It is a good idea to have some warm accessories on hand if you work in an office with a changing climate. Freezing body parts usually cause lack of concentration and even health issues. Even if you come prepared, you never know if it will get colder – or warmer!  Keep a small blanket, snuggie or scarf at your desk just in case you need some extra layers. If you know your hands will get cold, bring some heat activated lotion or a pair of fingerless gloves. Or if you are techy, you can get the USB heating gloves to keep your fingers warm. Personally, I keep a pair of fuzzy socks in my desk for when my toes get too cold.

Drink warm drinks

Hot tea, coffee or cider will help to warm your body from the inside.  Most companies keep hot drinks in the office, but if not make sure to bring some from home. Most warm beverages are meant for morning time, but if your office stays cold throughout the whole day, don’t be shy about sipping on something warm in the middle of the afternoon.

Move your workspace

If you have the option, see if you can simply relocate to a warmer space in the office.  If not, read on 😉

Go outside

If the temperature is warmer outside than inside where you work, take a few minutes to walk around.  Even if it is cold outside, finding a warm stairwell or not air conditioned area will help to warm you up. If it is sunny outside, great! Take a lap around the building, sit in your car or just stand in the sun and soak up some Vitamin D.

Get a space heater

Some offices will allow you to have a small space heater in your workspace. This is a great way to keep a small space warm without changing the temperature of an entire room. You can find small space heaters at Target or Home Depot for under $25. If you share an office space with someone else, just make sure they are ok with being a little warmer!

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