How To Take Over The World – Pinky And The Brain Style

Planning for worldwide domination? Here are some quick Pinky and the Brain tactics to take over the world, in your business, school or your personal life!



 Have a master plan.

You may think that you have some pretty solid ideas about where you want to go in life, but having a solid written plan will help you to understand what you really want. Also, having a master plan to adhere to forces you to be responsible for your future. When you have a framework  to follow, you are less likely to put off your goals and more likely to find a way to accomplish them despite the odds and obstacles.



Be assertive, not aggressive.

Assertion is often confused with aggression. But the reality is assertiveness is not about being aggressive nor passive when interacting with others. It is simply a matter of being able to stand up for your personal rights in a direct, non-threatening way. There are many people who will never get what they truly want from life simply because they are too afraid to ask for it! As with everything in life, it all comes down to your approach. If there is something you want to change about your job, your relationship or your life it’s important to speak up, just make sure you are considerate and non-threatening. Be sure to express your thoughts in an open and reasonable way without undermining the rights of your peers – or yourself!



 Beware of distractions.

One of the hardest distractions to avoid at your job or in class is another person. Have you ever been at work and tried to avoid a co-worker who wants to chat? Sometimes it can be hard to say no – especially if you really do want to talk. Unfortunately it is often our co-workers and classmates who are our biggest distractions! If you are in the middle of something time-sensitive or you are behind on a project, find a way to politely avoid conversation. Try closing your door, using headphones or simply tell them you jus can’t talk right now. Remember distractions disrupt your train of thought, lower productivity and cause stress. That’s no way to take over the world!


Pinky-Brain listen

Be a good listener.

Good leaders are good listeners. Listening is very different from hearing, and is an essential part of communication that some people lack. If your friend, classmate or co-worker has an idea, be receptive and listen to what they have to say. You don’t always have to agree, but it is important to understand how to put yourself in their shoes. There is nothing more frustrating than speaking without being heard, so pay attention and don’t dismiss them.



Be alert.

Of course, it’s important to get some sleep, but don’t sleep! If you are going to be successful, you need to always be aware of what is going on around you. You need to be able to think clearly and notice things, including new technology, trends, music etc. Also you need to be able to address emergencies, changes and even danger. Part of being alert is getting plenty of sleep, staying educated in your field and having a plan.


Hope you enjoy this #TBT throwback tip list. You are now ready for world domination. Good luck! 🙂






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Nicky Dawkins

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