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Why Single Dose Medications Are Safer For Kids

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When your child isn’t feeling well, it is a natural reaction to want to make them feel better as soon as possible. In addition to plenty of hugs and kisses, you may need to give your child medication to reduce or eliminate their symptoms.  While us crunchy moms will try and keep it as natural as possible, sometimes we need more than a home remedy to make our little ones feel better.

If you decide to give your child OTC medication, success depends on several things. Obviously, it matters whether the OTC treatment fits the symptoms. Is it important to ask yourself – do the problems he’s having respond to this kind of medication?

But another important factor to consider that is not as obvious is whether he or she is getting the right dose of medication.

Let’s face it – figuring out dosage amounts for kids can get confusing and even a little scary. This especially true for young babies. We want to make sure they get what they need, but we also don’t want them to get too much and have a possible overdose situation.

A recent study found that  99 percent of kids’ liquid medicines contain confusing inconsistencies.  Between the dosing instructions listed on the bottle and the markings on the measuring device, it can be overwhelming for parents. Mistakes found in some OTC medications included missing markings, nonstandard abbreviations, superfluous markings, and atypical units of measurement (for example, drams or cc’s), and nonstandard abbreviations. Those inconsistencies can lead to overdoses, and that can be very dangerous.

Frustrating, right?

This is where single dose medications for kids can come in handy. 

If you’ve strolled down your local pharmacy’s medicine section for kids, then you’ve likely seen these single dose medications for kids already. They are also available online in stores like Amazon.

Single-dose medications or single vials are packaged, one dose products that pre-measured based on your child’s age and come ready to use.  Yassss!

There are only a select few brands that currently have this option, including a family brand called MyDrKids. They are the creators of a product called Himasal, which a natural saline solution made with Himalayan Pink Salt. If you missed my review on this product, you can find it here. 

When you use single, pre-measured dosages, you can avoid a lot of headache and error. Mixing solutions, counting measurements, pouring liquids, and drawing solutions into syringes are all steps that may introduce errors into a parent’s medication administration process – especially when in the midst of dealing with a crying, miserable child or baby.

Single Dose Medications For Kids

These single dose vials are safer than the standard method of administering medication because:

Single dose medications help you avoid giving the wrong dose

Medication administration errors are common – especially when it comes to children. By having a pre-dispensed dose from the manufacturer, in a single unit that is ready for administration without further steps! Plus, the risk of giving your child the wrong amount and causing an adverse drug event is significantly reduced.

You don’t have to worry  about confusing units of measurement with single dose medications

No more worrying about converting tablespoons and lining up your syringe to make sure you get the correct amount. Parenting is hard enough – now you’re supposed to figure out mathematical calculations in the middle of the night? No thanks.

Single dose medications are disposable and far more hygienic 

Single dose medications for kids are designed for one use, so once you are done you throw it away.

Should you decide to give your kid’s an OTC medication for their illness, considering using a single dose brand like MyDrKids. It will not only save you a lot of stress, but it is much safer for your kids!

Good luck moms!

*This blog is a paid sponsor post in collaboration with MyDrKids. 

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