WTF: What The Fashion?!-Let ‘Er Rip?!

Ripped jeans have been around for some years now, and boy, have they made a huge impact on fashion. Artists wear them, models, wear them, parents wear them, everyone wears them! But one trend doesn’t necessarily work for EVERY one. Speaking from experience, try on your ripped jeans before you walk out the house with them on. Ladies, some of us have a little more in the “thigh area”, therefore sometimes when we purchase our ripped jeans we must not only try them on to make sure they fit, but we also have to sit in them to make sure there isn’t too much bulge.

Ripped jeans are not a fashion don’t, and virtually anyone can wear them…if they fit you properly. If you sit down and it looks like your leg ripped your jeans, try again! This is not the type of fashion statement you want to set.

Speaking from experience yet again, if you have thicker thighs, it’s better to get ripped jeans that have smaller cuts on the upper thigh. This way the jeans fit and hold properly!

Until next time fashionistas! Let ‘Er Rip…the right way! 🙂

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