WTF: What The Fashion?!-Grill Me?!

This week’s WTF goes out to both the ladies and the men! Lately, we’ve been noticing a fashion trend that died down for a brief amount of time, and seems to be making a comeback.

This week’s ‘What The Fashion’ is dedicated to grills! No, not what you barbeque, but the shiny, flashy pieces of jewelry that cover your pearly whites.

Now grills began getting popular years ago in the Hip Hop community. Artists such as Flavor Flav, rocked the grill almost everywhere he went, performed, etc. and lately ladies and gents seem to think they can do the same.

Grills are a HUGE fashion DON’T! They are not attractive, you cannot be in a professional setting with them in, and overall, it’s just an extremely tacky “accessory”.

Your teeth were made white for a reason, and jewelry is intended to go on the outside of your body, not your mouth. Men, most women would rather not introduce you to their parents with your bedazzled teeth, and ladies, the same goes for you.

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