WTF:What The Fashion:Bra-LESS?!

This week’s ‘What The Fashion’ is dedicated to somethings women wear under their clothing. Key word: UNDER.

Ladies, we are taking this week to inform you that bras should be seen a lot less! Lately, we’ve noticed many of you wearing backless shirts with your bra exposed. The whole purpose of a backless shirt is to show your bare skin, to create a more sexy “fashion statement”, but with your bra showing, you’re taking away from that.

Today, there are so many ways to “keep it sexy” without going bra-less that there is no excuse! Victoria’s Secret sells actual multi-way bras that you can adjust so that they will work with almost any shirt you would like to wear. There is also what us women like to call “cutlets” and/or “pasties” that can suffice if you are wearing a shirt that cuts low on either side of your body.


If you are absolutely uncomfortable with any of those options, bandeau tops have become a popular alternative. Not to mention, they are extremely fun, to mix and match with certain shirts. Say you wear a low cut or backless black shirt, you can throw on a neon bandeau top, to add some spice and not have the “tacky bra strap” look.


Bras are considered lingerie, lingerie is intended to stay in the bedroom and underneath your clothes; not seen by the entire world. I’m sure your man doesn’t want everyone else to see your undergarments, and neither should you. Leave something to the imagination.

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