4 Tips for Raising Your Kids as a Single Mother

Supermom tricks from guest blogger Kara Materson

If you are a single mother, you are not alone, but in the right company. Single-parent families are common around the world and have become more than ever. Raising a child as a single mother can be both challenging and stressful. As a single mother, you need to learn and know how to cope with the pressure that comes with the responsibility. These tips will help in turning you into a super single mom:

Learn From Successful Single Mothers

As a single mother, you need a role model to learn from. Single parenting is not a responsibility that you are condemned to carry alone. It becomes easier to learn from others who have done it before. Make a list of successful single parents, especially mothers. Make another list of successful children who you know have been brought up by single mothers. Whenever you have a tough and rough day, go through the list and learn from their traits. Learn from President Barrack Obama’s mother. She raised her son as a single mother. Her son grew to become the President of the United States of America.

Maintain a Daily Schedule

Have a maintained routine and let your child be aware of it. Schedule such activities as meals, bedtime, house chores, as well as other daily activities. This will save you the struggle of having to remind your child of what is to be done at a particular time. It also trains your child to know what to exactly expect on a daily basis. When you create a sense of consistency among your kids, you instill a sense of security in them. Routine is also important in making your kid or kids organized.

Secure the Custody of Your Kids

As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. You cannot show love and support to kids you are not in contact with. Kids will feel more loved and supported when you are closer to them. If you are divorced or about to be divorced, you’ll want to make sure that you have custody of the children so you can maximize your time with them. Doing this without going to a court of law would be ideal, but if that’s not an option then don’t hesitate to contact a law firm like The Joseph Firm P.A. or someone similar who specializes in family law.

Set Your Limits

Raising kids as a single mother can be very stressful especially in terms of instilling discipline in them. Let your kids know your limits. Let them know what you entertain and what you don’t entertain. Set an example for them. For instance, you cannot expect your kids to be responsible when you are an alcoholic. If you drink or smoke, do not do it in front of your kids. Do not show too much love. Too much of something is poisonous. Single parenthood has been blamed on producing many spoilt kids because of being “loved too much”. 

Being a single mother is not a crime. It is not a responsibility you are destined to carry and suffer in silence. Do not feel guilty when kids go astray. Devise ways to cope with the pressure and learn on how you will bring out the best in your kids.

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